What past workshop clients said...


Nicky, Queanbeyan & District Preschool Association (Apr 2021)

Sarah has been a regular contributor for our Association and we were fortunate to have the My Journey, Your Journey as part of our recent Association Training Day. 
Sarah shared her journey with us, sharing personal insight into her vast range of artworks.  The group were of varying levels of confidence and experience in completing their own journey piece but Sarah was able to assist, guide and encourage all of the participants to each produce their own work.  Sarah was extremely respectful and supportive of those who may not have wanted to share with the group.  Feedback from the group is that they each got something from the session and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop experience.  I would highly recommend this for teams who are wishing to explore creativity and self-expression or to find a session with a difference for their teams!

Opportunity to:

  • Connect with friends, family or as a team. 

  • Unleash your inner creativity. 

  • Decompress and contribute positively to your own wellbeing.


What to expect

Choose from BYO workshop where participants provide their own materials or choose an All Inclusive workshop that includes:

  • all materials (canvas boards, paint, palettes, brushes, cloths, water jars and table covers)

  • set up and pack up​

Note: Client to provide venue with access to sink/s, tables/chairs and access to projector for presentation in both options.


  • Provide individuals an opportunity to undertake a journey of self-discovery and to provide an outlet to decompress. 

  • Build collaborative teams with relationships that are built on trust, kindness and understanding.

  • Provide a safe environment to explore Aboriginal culture and build awareness and understanding.


  • Improved mental health and wellbeing for the team and organization.

  • Your team will connect and foster stronger relationships and collaboration with each other. 

  • Participants have a greater understanding of Aboriginal culture that can be applied to both their personal and professional lives.

Example format

  • Set up (approx 1hr)

  • Welcome & Acknowledgement of Country

  • About Marrawuy Journeys and concepts 

  • Design - Participants spend time thinking about what they'll create

  • Create - Participants create their artworks

  • Share  - Participants share their piece at their table and/or wider group

  • Wrap up 5mins

  • Pack up (approx 1hr)



Price depends on which workshop option is chosen (BYO or All Inclusive), the length of workshop and the number of participants. 

Follow the link below to 'Request an in-person workshop' and include details of preferred workshop (BYO or All Inclusive), length of time and number of participants for a custom proposal to suit your needs.


Note to participants

Aboriginal art is only genuine Aboriginal art if created by an Aboriginal person. It is inappropriate for non-Indigenous people to create or incorporate Aboriginal-style art for the purpose of then selling as their own work. Marrawuy Journeys workshops are not about teaching Aboriginal art, they are made available for the express purpose of providing participants an outlet to connect, collaborate and decompress.