Virtual (Online) Workshops

Enjoy a 1.5-hour virtual workshop (plus an additional hour of preparation time, see below). You can choose from predefined themes or request a custom one. Our standard themes include:

  • Kookaburra, symbolising Happiness
  • Dolphin, symbolising Kindness
  • Butterfly, symbolising Transformation
  • Platypus, symbolising Uniqueness
  • Tree, symbolising Growth

During the workshop, your group will come together virtually for an interactive session. You'll have an opportunity to connect, create, and complete your unique artworks.


  • Connect virtually with remote or distanced friends, family, or team members
  • Unleash your inherent creativity
  • Decompress and contribute positively to your own well-being


  • To facilitate self-discovery and offer an outlet for stress relief
  • To foster trust, kindness, and understanding within teams
  • To provide a safe environment to explore and understand Aboriginal culture


  • Enhanced mental health and well-being for teams and organizations
  • Strengthened relationships and collaboration within your team
  • Increased understanding of Aboriginal culture, benefiting both personal and professional spheres

Workshop Preparation

Before the workshop, you will:

  • Receive a list of necessary materials and recommendations on where to source them
  • Access videos and templates to guide you in painting your background and the base of your chosen animal
  • Paint your background and the base of your animal (approximately 1 hour of prep time)


Workshop pricing is contingent on chosen format in-person vs virtual), workshop duration, and the number of participants. Please complete the 'Request a workshop' form and provide details of your preferred workshop, timeframe, and number of participants for a tailored proposal.

Ethics Notice

Genuine Aboriginal art is exclusively created by Aboriginal individuals. It's inappropriate and unethical for non-Indigenous people to create or incorporate Aboriginal-style art for selling as their own work. Marrawuy Journeys workshops focus on fostering connection, collaboration, and decompression. They are not designed to teach Aboriginal art.

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