Unconditionally kind cushion cover + insert

Unconditionally kind cushion cover + insert


Unconditionally Kind Artwork reproduced onto Australian made premium cotton linen 45x45cm cushion cover with Australian made Innergreen's recycled PET cushion inserts (which is derived from recycled water bottles). Non-Allergenic - Machine Wash - Line Dry.


‘Unconditionally kind’ is inspired by the quote ‘A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle’ ~ James Keller.


‘Unconditionally kind’ represents all who spread love and kindness unconditionally to another person. Being kind to another costs you nothing to give but priceless to those you give it to (even if they don’t know it). Now being kind isn’t always easy. It takes great strength to be kind, especially when it’s not reciprocated.


I hope the piece reminds people that when they come across rude and unkind people - that they try to remember that they are ones who are most in need of kindness. The piece was created with Mother’s Day in mind, however I want it to be a piece that makes the perfect gift to provide that person - or people - who embody unconditional kindness. Be that a parent, grandparent, friend, partner or mentor.


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