What participants from the pilot virtual workshop said...


Fun experience, a nice piece of artwork, insight into Aboriginal art and local artist.

Pilot workshop participant #1

Opportunity to:

  • Connect virtually with friends, family or as a team. 

  • Unleash your inner creativity. 

  • Decompress and contribute positively to your own wellbeing.


What to expect

1.5 hour virtual workshop plus approx 1 hour preparation.

Choose from the following or request something bespoke:

  • Kookaburra which represents Happiness

  • Dolphin which represents Kindness

  • Butterfly which represents Transformation

  • Platypus which represents Uniqueness

  • Tree which represents Growth

Prior to the workshop you will:

  • be provided a list of materials you'll need and some options of where to source them from.

  • access to videos and templates to follow along to so that you can paint your background and the base of your animal.

  • paint your background and the base of your animal (approx 1hr).

When your group comes together virtually, you will have an opportunity to connect, create and complete your pieces. 


Note to participants

Aboriginal art is only genuine Aboriginal art if created by an Aboriginal person. It is inappropriate for non-Indigenous people to create or incorporate Aboriginal-style art for the purpose of then selling as their own work. Marrawuy Journeys workshops are not about teaching Aboriginal art, they are made available for the express purpose of providing participants an outlet to connect, collaborate and decompress.



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