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Having a creative outlet has allowed me to undergo a journey of healing. I want to create an opportunity for others to be able to experience the same. These workshops provide individuals and teams that opportunity.

Through my workshops you will get to take some time out for your own wellbeing to recharge, connect with others or self and strengthen that natural creativity that we all possess.

​But you're not creative I hear you say? Not true, humans are naturally creative. Don’t believe me? How about I tell you I am also an accountant? So if I can be creative, so can you. 

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Bespoke workshops where friends or teams come to connect, collaborate and create together.

Perfect activity:

  • to facilitate team bonding 

  • for friends and family to come together and connect

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Connect virtually with family, friends or your team and take some time out whilst we create art together.

Perfect activity:

  • for teams working remotely to facilitate that intentional connection and strengthen collaboration.

  • for family and friends to connect who are separated by distance or lockdowns.

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Take some time out for your wellbeing and create a piece of artwork at your own pace with one of Marrawuy Journeys recorded workshops.

Perfect activity:

  • to do with children as you can pause and start as needed.

  • when you need some 'me-time'. Goes well with a cuppa or unwinding drink of choice.

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Acknowledgement of Country

I wish to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land I live, work and paint on, the Ngunnawal people. I wish to acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.



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  • Due to variations in computer or device screen qualities, the artwork colours may appear differently.