The Marrawuy Journey

Marrawuy Journeys is a rich tapestry of contemporary Aboriginal art, born from the heart and soul of Sarah, a Ngiyampaa woman whose lineage and experiences shape her unique artistic narrative. Embodying the symbolism of the red kangaroo, Marrawuy Journeys represents resilience and constant forward momentum. Sarah's journey manifests in the intricate details and vibrant colours of her paintings. Here, art serves as an essential vehicle for well-being, healing, and the rekindling of cultural connections. 

With each piece crafted, workshop conducted, and corporate collaboration undertaken, Marrawuy Journeys invites you to be a part of this transformative voyage, exploring personal growth, reconciliation, and the rich tapestry of Aboriginal culture.

The Meaning of Marrawuy

Marrawuy (pronounced Mar-ra-way) means red kangaroo in the Ngiyampaa language. The red kangaroo was the totem of Director and Principal Artist, Sarah's, ancestor, Richard King; and so was chosen with reverence as our namesake - Marrawuy Journeys. 

The kangaroo, uniquely unable to leap backwards, is a potent metaphor for resilience and forward momentum. For Sarah, this symbol echoes her own journey - no matter the obstacles she encounters, she, like the kangaroo, steadfastly moves forward, transforming challenges into stepping stones on her ever-progressing journey.

Principal Artist:

Sarah Richards

A proud Ngiyampaa woman, Sarah's journey began on Gadigal land (Sydney). Her formative years were spent on Wiradjuri (Griffith) and Yugambeh (Gold Coast) Country, culminating in her move to Ngunnawal country (ACT) in 2012. From a young age, she was captivated by the world of creativity, with painting emerging as her preferred medium of artistic expression. 

Her passion for art eventually crossed paths with her commerce degree in 2018, transforming her hobby into a thriving small business to create Marrawuy Journeys. By August 2021, Sarah had fully committed herself to nurturing Marrawuy Journeys and its vision.

Fundamentally, Sarah believes in the healing power of individual growth and how it can contribute to the larger healing journey of the nation. She is driven by the conviction that personal healing can bring about collective healing, making each Marrawuy Journey a step towards a more harmonious future.

“I believe that we all have something to heal from and if we can heal as individuals, it will contribute to our healing as a country.”

Sarah’s Journey

For years, Sarah grappled with a profound sense of disconnection, hindering her longing to express herself through painting. This struggle was compounded by frequent questioning about her heritage due to her lighter skin and the non-traditional colors and narratives present in her artwork. The fact that her great grandmother, a part of the Stolen Generation, was unable to pass down traditional stories and methods after being taken to the Cootamundra Girls Home, furthered this disconnect. However, a significant shift occurred when Sarah moved to Ngunnawal country in 2012, marking the onset of her personal journey to reconnect with her culture.

In the early months of 2017, Sarah made peace with the absence of traditional stories in her knowledge pool. Embracing her unique experiences and journey, she began to weave them into her artworks. This acceptance proved fortuitous as painting became her solace, helping her navigate through a period of intense grief later that year.

Looking back, it became clear that painting had long served as Sarah's outlet, tracing back to her university days. While initially she set her art aside to focus on her degree, a painful breakup led her back to painting. Determined to rely on herself for happiness and not on another, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, finding solace and expression in her artwork.

In the present, painting remains a vital part of Sarah's well-being. This creative outlet has facilitated a journey of healing for her. Through Marrawuy Journeys, she now channels her experiences, creating opportunities for others to embark on their own healing journeys, testament to the transformative power of art.

Join Our Journey

Join us at Marrawuy Journeys, where art, well-being and cultural meet. Your support fuels our journey, breathing life into the transformative power of art that we passionately champion. Today, we invite you to embark on this enriching journey, harnessing the power of creativity for personal growth and cultural understanding.