We extend our passion for contemporary Aboriginal art into a range of offerings tailored for the corporate world. From meaningful commissioned artworks to inspiring workshops and unique corporate gifts, our services are crafted with wellbeing and inspiration at the forefront. We invite you into a journey, a shared exploration of art and culture, reflect your journey, resonate with your team and connect with your values authentically.

Our clients include:

  • Queanbeyan District Preschool Association March 2024
  • Gungahlin Jets February 2024
  • National Convention Centre January 2024
  • Thylacine December 2023
  • Parbery Consulting December 2023
  • Hawker Primary School November 2023
  • Tailored HR Solutions November 2023
  • HPG Solutions November 2023
  • Marymead CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn, September 2023
  • Safran, July 2023
  • Independent Schools Australia, May 2023
  • Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, May 2023
  • Manteena, April 2023
  • Australian Science Innovations, February 2023
  • Bupa Medical Visa Services, February 2023
  • Bungendore Chiropractic, The Family Practice January 2023
  • Capital Region Community Services, October 2022
  • Visa, October 2022
  • TTW, October 2022
  • Toll, September 2022
  • Digital Transformation Agency, August 2022
  • Carers Australia, July 2022
  • Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation, July 2022
  • CarerHelp, May 2022
  • Perinatal Wellbeing Centre, May 2022
  • Basketball ACT, September 2021
  • IPAA ACT, July 2021
  • Capital Health Network, May 2021
  • Australian Pharmacy Council, May 2021
  • Gold Creek School, April 2021
  • AusIMM, February 2021
  • Menslink, January 2021
  • Carers Australia, January 2021
  • Callida Consulting, December 2020
  • Australian Nursing & Midwifery Accreditation Council, December 2020
  • Melba Copland Secondary School, November 2020
  • CatholicCare Canberra and Goulburn, July 2020
  • Safe Work Australia, July 2020
  • CPA Australia, June 2019
  • Queanbeyan District Preschool Association, April 2019
  • Our Place Early Learning Googong, February 2019
  • First Nations Blockchain, February 2019
  • Cobham Aviation Services, December 2018
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia/ PricewaterhouseCoopers Indigenous Consulting, December 2018
  • Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand, January 2018
  • Palliative Care Australia, November 2017
  • CatholicCare Canberra and Goulburn, September 2017

Original Commissions:

It is our mission is to create meaningful, custom artworks that echo your organisation's unique narrative, vision, and commitment to its values.

We know that each organisation has a distinct story to tell. That’s why we create bespoke artworks that embody your organisation's spirit, journey, and future aspirations. Your commissioned artwork is far more than a simple decorative piece; it is a visual representation of your brand's culture, values and journey, carrying a deeper significance and connection to the heart of your organisation.

Our art commissioning process begins with a comprehensive consultation, where we delve into understanding your organisation's story, mission, and goals. We consider various elements such as your brand colours, logo, and any specific symbols or motifs you identify with. Our artist then interweaves these elements with their distinct artistic style to create a unique, meaningful piece that resonates with your brand.

As part of our service, we offer flexible licensing options that allow you to incorporate the commissioned art across various mediums. Whether you'd like to display the artwork on your company's website, in promotional materials, or as part of your internal communication, we can provide a licensing arrangement to meet your needs.

We believe that art transcends barriers, inspires conversation, and nurtures a sense of belonging. Through our commissioned artwork, we aim to aid your organisation in promoting a diverse and inclusive work culture, strengthening your brand identity, and leaving a lasting impression on your stakeholders.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can create a bespoke piece of artwork that will tell your unique story.

Seizing Opportunities (30x40") May 2023

"Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them." The artwork celebrates the value of independent education and the role that Independent Schools Australia (ISA) plays in ensuring that young people have access to a diverse range of educational opportunities.

ISA is the peak body that represents the national interests of the independent schools sector. Through collaboration with its eight member associations, ISA promotes choice, diversity, and partnership in education, while advocating for ongoing and sustainable Australian Government support and fair funding. The artwork depicts ISA at the bottom, connecting with its member associations, and the four semi-circles of the sun represent its objectives of collaboration, advocacy, representation, and information.

The vibrant colors of the artwork represent the energy and creativity of the independent schools sector, while the semi-circles of the sun symbolize ISA's commitment to working collaboratively to seize opportunities and build a brighter future for independent education in Australia. Through its work, ISA is helping young people seize the opportunities that come their way, just as the sun rises each day to offer new possibilities.

Choosing a Journey of Hope (30x40") May 2023

"Choosing a Journey of Hope" is an artwork created for the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse (Lifehouse) that is inspired by their purpose and core values.

At the centre of the artwork, a hand with the star of hope represents the Lifehouse's patient-centred care and empowerment. It signifies their commitment to improving the quality of life for those affected by cancer. Moving outward, two hands embracing a heart symbolise the nurturing and compassionate support provided by the Lifehouse, reflecting their core value of nurture.

In the top-right corner, the artwork displays the power of collaboration and partnership. The connection of six dots represents key stakeholders in the cancer treatment journey, including patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, researchers, volunteers, and the community. The interlinking dots symbolize the collective effort and shared responsibility in advancing cancer care and support.

Towards the bottom-left corner, a lifeline with the growth of new trees represents the Lifehouse's commitment to quality of life and respect. It acknowledges the importance of dignity and embracing diversity in providing comprehensive care. The element of footprints represents the journey of hope that patients and their loved ones embark upon, embodying their strength and determination.

In the background, elements symbolising opportunities for research and discovery highlight the Lifehouse's dedication to inspiring hope and transforming cancer treatment through innovative research.

It is my hope that "Choosing a Journey of Hope" resonates with the viewer and provides comfort on their journey of hope and healing.

Journeys of Opportunity (30x60") February 2023

Bupa Medical Visa Services (BMVS) provides immigration health assessments and medical services for customers who temporarily visit and those that migrate to Australia. BMVS in Canberra commenced in July 2022 in a new-purpose built centre that provided the rare opportunity for the staff who all started at the same time, to learn and grow together in a safe place where differences are celebrated.

“Journeys of Opportunity” was commissioned to celebrate the centre’s commitment to its purpose and represents the customer's journey through BMVS. The sunrise colours in the background represent the theme of new beginnings and the blue overlay represents opportunities. At the centre of “Journeys of Opportunity” is the interpretation of BMVS’ passion for welcoming customers from all different backgrounds to Australia and staff’s commitment of delivering their organisational purpose of helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives and making a better world. Interconnecting with BMVS’ commitment, are footprints that represent the customer's journeys through BMVS whether that be a temporary visit to Australia or a journey of migration to Australia whilst being made to feel welcome on their journey.

Reach for the stars (and beyond) (24x30") February 2023

“Reach for the stars (and beyond)” takes inspiration from my Boundless piece which was inspired by Matshona Dhliwayo’s quote “Reach for the stars, not your fears”. I have always challenged myself but it has only been the last couple few years or so that I have stopped being limited by fear. Trusting in myself and my abilities and being ok with uncertainty is helping me to become boundless in whatever endeavours I choose to undertake in my own journey. I hope that the students who participate in the Australian Science Innovations’ (ASI) programs can draw strength from this piece and stretch themselves to reach their highest potential.
The key elements of this piece are the students from the four science disciplines as well as the junior science stream (green figure). The two sets of footprints represent the students’ journey of coming together with other like-minded students at the ASI programs who share the same passion for science. Even though they compete against each other at the Australian Science Olympiads, they support each other and form lifelong relationships that continue long after their ASI journey ends.
The circles and paths that connect to the centre are inspired by the eight planets in the solar system and represent the opportunities to unleash their boundless curiosity for the science disciplines.

Diverse Connectedness (Set of 3 30x88 inches)‌ August 2022

‘Diverse Connectedness’ is a piece that represents coming together, virtually or in person, of Digital Transformation Agency’s (DTA) diverse internal and external stakeholders and creating an environment that values diversity and where all feel welcome and connected.
It is inspired by a rising sun to illustrate the process of rising towards a digital future and connecting DTA’s internal stakeholders (the pink figures) with the external stakeholders (the yellow figures), who are connected regardless of remoteness, and who are sharing knowledge and working together to secure Australia’s digital future.
The ripples that transcend across the three pieces represent the positive impact this will have for all Australians and communities who are represented by the circles within the ripples

Diverse Alignment (24x30") October 2022

“Diverse Alignment” was created for the Australian Medical Council’s (AMC) Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori Strategy. The purpose of the strategy is to build on AMC’s commitment to ensure that standards of education, training and assessment of the medical profession protect and promote the health of the Australian community including Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori Peoples.
A key element of “Diverse Alignment” is to recognise the important part Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori Peoples’ knowledge plays in achieving positive outcomes for our people and combining this with the role AMC plays in delivering initiatives to support Closing the Gap in terms of health outcomes. The combining of all these valuable knowledge sources is represented by the four paths coming together in the centre.
In addition, it was important to represent the healing elements of nature that served, prior to colonisation, and still serves Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori Peoples. So, surrounding the four paths, which also represents the healing element of the sun, I have included some natural healing elements that resonate with me - water, trees, earth, and fire/smoke.
It is my hope that “Diverse Alignment” generates a feeling of meaningful connection where relationships are strengthened, and diversity of knowledge is respected.

RAP Artwork

We take immense pride in creating Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) artworks, offering organisations a unique and profound way to visually express their journey towards reconciliation.

Through this visual narrative, we aim to capture your organisation's commitment to acknowledging, understanding, and celebrating the rich history, culture, and contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Your RAP artwork will be a distinctive piece that your organisation can proudly display, and can be utilised across various mediums, including digital platforms, print, and office decor, acting as a powerful statement of your ongoing dedication to reconciliation.

Uplifting Journeys (24x30 inches)‌ October 2022

‘Uplifting Journeys’ represents Visa’s Reflect RAP journey, the people who are supporting this journey and the Visa employees and clients that will be a part of the journey to bring Visa’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) vision to life. The piece also represents Visa’s wider purpose to uplift everyone, everywhere by being the best way to pay and be paid.

To represent these journeys, the bottom of the artwork represents Visa beginning their reconciliation journey surrounded by a row of people that represents the organisational culture of ‘One Visa’. This section then connects with the key areas of a RAP - respect, opportunities, relationships, and internal governance. Linking these four key areas and Visa, the footprints at the top represent a future state in Visa’s Reflect RAP journey where RAP commitments have or are in the process of being achieved.

Lastly, surrounding the RAP journey is the representation of the interconnectedness and diversity amongst Visa's people, technology, customers, and geographical locations.

It is my hope that “Uplifting Journeys” creates a feeling of pride and that Visa’s stakeholders feel connected to the journeys of Visa and reconciliation.

Building connection (40x40") April 2023

Early conversations with the Manteena team highlighted key themes of a family-based culture, connection, diversity of clients and their own organisational reconciliation journey. All these themes were the inspiration for the ‘Building connection’ artwork and its elements.

The three layers in the background are inspired by the colours of the different landscapes which Manteena delivers its projects across. From the green of the Canberra region, where Manteena’s headquarters are based, to across Australia and seas. The smaller circles that connect to the green centre, but expand across the layers, represent the wide reach of Manteena’s clients and projects.

The three symbols in the centre represent the three key areas of a Reconciliation Action Plan - respect, relationships, and opportunities. They are connected to the Canberra headquarters to represent the positive impact of embedding RAP initiatives internally but also across into the next layer to represent the positive external impact.

Lastly, the figures around the edge represent Manteena’s family-based culture including their families, their clients, and the community all of whom contribute to Manteena’s purpose of leading the way in quality construction.

Growing Connection (36x48") October 2022

“Growing Connection” represents TTW’s journey that began over 60 years ago in Sydney in 1958 with the three founding partners (at the centre of the artwork) to what it is today, an organisation that values collaboration, technical experience, personal approach, and initiative embedded by seven partners and over 330 employees across five locations and expanding.

The key themes of “Growing Connection” are growth and connection. Growth in terms of future aspirations of continued expansion but also growth as an organisation gained from embarking on the reconciliation journey; and connection in terms of connection with First Nation people but also TTW employees and clients.

Taking inspiration from the shape in the Our History video of the ‘walk through aviary of Taronga Zoo,’ the infinity shape of footprints represents various stakeholders’ ongoing journeys with TTW - be that a client, an employee, or community. The incoming footprints from the corners represent TTW’s new stakeholders that become part of the ongoing journey.

The orange dots that form ripples through the piece, represent the ripple effect of change, that is, TTW’s growth over the years, as well as future growth, and the positive impact that TTW’s reconciliation journey will have, both internally and externally. Lastly, the colours inside each ripple represent my interpretation of the various localities - blue for Sydney, eucalyptus green for Canberra, tropical green for Jakarta, grass green for Melbourne, yellow for Brisbane and orange to represent the future TTW locations.

It is my hope that “Growing Connection” creates feelings of welcome and belonging for all TTW stakeholders.

Endless Opportunity (30x40") Jun 19

This piece was commissioned by CPA Australia for their first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). When I first began to design this piece, and with my understanding of CPA Australia, being a member myself, I wanted to capture, overall, the endless opportunities that could result from combining the elements of the reconciliation journey with that of CPA Australia’s vision and the internationally recognised designation that it offers its members. So to capture this, I chose to use the overall concept of Earth and Space and liken that to CPA’s reconciliation journey.

At the very centre of the piece I have represented CPA Australia’s core services: Education, Training, Tech support and Advocacy using a four-blade propellor to represent propelling CPA forward into the future. The next layer, represented by the two continuous interlocked lines, represents CPA’s ongoing commitment to their vision of partnering with members to prepare for today and tomorrow in a globally connected world. The members are represented by the six layers of coloured dots and the different colours represent the diversity of members and the field they work within.

Intersecting with this layer is how I have chosen to represent the reconciliation journey. The five slightly smaller circles represent the five dimensions of which reconciliation is based and measured upon, they are: historical acceptance, race relations, equality & equity, institutional integrity and unity. The three larger circles represent the core components of the RAP which are Respect, Relationships and Opportunities. The reason I chose to have the reconciliation journey intersecting with the layer representing the members is because CPA’s reconciliation journey will involve them too. As I believe it will provide an opportunity for the members to encourage their organisations to continue, or embark on, the reconciliation journey.

With the ‘Earth’s layers’ capturing the essence of CPA Australia and its members combined with that of CPA’s RAP journey, the background, ‘Space’, is how I have chosen to represent the endless opportunities and pathways that will be available to CPA Australia as they embark on their reconciliation journey.

Commitment to connection (40x40 inches)‌ Jul 2021

‘Commitment to connection’ tells the story of IPAA ACT and their commitment to Canberra and community, including their ongoing journey of reflection, respect and reconciliation.

The overall concept reflects connection with the private, public, peak bodies and academic sectors and relationships with the other state and territory IPAAs coming together to share expertise and knowledge. Debating, collaborating, innovating, communicating and building capability in public administration. In particular it shows IPAA ACT as a conduit to connect.The colours and elements of ‘Commitment to connection’ are inspired by those seen in the Canberra region.

The leaves of a eucalyptus, the most common native tree in the region but also common in other regions of Australia, represents IPAA ACT and the other sectors coming together in an abstract royal bluebell shape to represent Canberra. The colours of the leaves were inspired by the colours I see during autumn in the region. Since moving to the region nearly a decade ago, I am still mesmerized by the beautiful colours seen in the distinct seasons experienced in the region, autumn included. The royal bluebell’s yellow centre represents IPAA ACT and the sectors coming together, the royal bluebell petals represent each of the sectors and the outside of the royal bluebell represents the ACT community. Surrounded on the outside by IPAA QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, NT, WA, SA to represent their connection to IPAA ACT but also connection to the Australian community.

Reflective connectedness ‌(30x40inches)‌ Feb‌ 2021

‘Reflective connectedness’ has been commissioned by AusIMM for their inaugural Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). AusIMM is the peak body for people working in the resources sector recognising and promoting the importance of equality of opportunity for all people pursuing careers in the sector. AusIMM’s RAP is a critical step in their continuing journey to advance reconciliation for First Nations people and communities.

‘Reflective connectedness’ represents the resource industry’s fundamental connectedness to (and dependence upon) country. The earth is represented at the centre with land and resources at the centre surrounded by our oceans. AusIMM represents 65,000 professionals and has a global footprint - they are represented by the footprints and the people around the outside of the centre element.

The decagon extract connecting through to the centre element represents AusIMM’s connection to the community (represented in the background), the resource sector and the land (centre element). The decagon extract features five circles. The four blue circles represent AusIMM’s values of respect, unity, innovation and integrity and the icon in the grey circle represents the five dimensions of reconciliation.

Elevating to New Heights (30x60") Dec 18

‘Elevating to New Heights’ stems from the fact PwC and PIC have developed an Elevate RAP and with that becoming a leader in the space of reconciliation, and reaching new heights. It ties into my theme of using a tree and how I associate it with growth.

As you view the painting, you are looking at it from a Birds eye view. You see the inside of a tree and its roots. Its roots represent a strong foundation, an enabler for growth which is what has and will continue to happen to PwC & PIC in their reconciliation journey. The roots also represent the diversity of PwC and PIC and its peoples. The important role they play when it comes to working together to achieve their reconciliation vision.

Their reconciliation journey is represented by the growth rings in the tree trunk and the interlocking lines in a continuous run that form the tree trunk represents their ongoing commitment to reconciliation. Lastly, the colours of the background are not just the brand colours but represent a sunrise and with each new sunrise is a chance for new opportunities in this new phase of their reconciliation journey.

CatholicCare Canberra and Goulburn’s Reconciliation Journey (36x48inches) September 2017

This painting was commissioned in August 2017 for use in CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn (CCG)’s Innovate RAP. The brief I received from CCG was that the artwork should be representative of their organisation and their RAP journey therefore I have produced a piece of artwork that represents aspects relating to CCG’s organisation, their RAP journey and the ripple effect concept.
When I was researching and planning the piece of artwork for CCG, one statement that stood out for me was “We‘re the hands and the eyes, we’re the hearts and minds; we are there, there for any human.” I really wanted to incorporate this message and so I decided to look up the words in Ngyiampaa language. In Ngyiampaa language, hands is Mara, eyes is Mil, heart is Kii and whilst there was no word for ‘minds’ specifically there was Pala which means ‘head’. I thought this was an appropriate substitute.
Other information I wanted to capture in the painting was that CCG’s services cover the extensive coastline, the Snowy Mountains, the rolling hills and flat plains out west and I had these various terrains in mind when deciding the colour palette. CCG provides services on the land of five traditional owners (Ngunnawal People in the ACT, the Gundungurra people to the north, Yuin people to the south, Ngarigo to the South West, and the Wiradjuri people in the North-West). These mobs are represented in the painting by the upside down ‘U’ symbols which is a common Aboriginal symbol used to represent people. I have also tried to place the communities in a way you would find them on a map.
During my research I also noted nine services delivered by CCG and endeavoured to include icons that were representative of them. Some are self-explanatory but I have included explanations for my rational behind each one below:
-Family Support Services (depicted by two parent figures and a small child)
-Counselling Services (depicted by a figure representative of a counsellor who is sitting up straight whilst talking to a patient who is suffering and is represented by them sitting slightly bent over)
-Disability (depicted by a common icon of a person in a wheelchair, whilst acknowledging disability is more broad and not always visible I felt this was the right icon to use nonetheless)
-Aged Care (depicted by a person with a walking stick)
-Mental Health (depicted by a brain)
-Youth (depicted by an adult and a slightly shorter person to indicate being a youth)
-Homelessness (depicted by a person assisting someone homeless get on their feet)
-Alcohol and Other Drugs (depicted by a bottle but an upside down glass to represent the process of giving up alcohol)
-Housing (depicted by a house shape)
The green section represents CCG’s RAP journey. The filled-in footprints indicate what point CCG is currently at in their RAP journey, Innovate, and the steps yet to be taken are represented by the outline of footprints. The section also travels from bottom corner to top right corner to represent moving forward and I wanted to use green as I feel green represents growth but this section also is meant to be representative of the rolling hills mentioned previously. There are four main circles within the green section to represent the four various RAPs an organisation can implement. Keeping in mind each RAP builds on the previous RAP (hence why the circles grow with each RAP) and that the journey to Reconciliation isn’t something that happens overnight. My inspiration to represent these various aspects of the Reconciliation journey and that Reconciliation doesn’t happen overnight was to use the concept of tree growth rings. Each year, the tree forms new cells, arranged in concentric circles called annual rings or annual growth rings and I thought this tied in quite nicely to represent the Reconciliation journey.
As mentioned previously, I wanted to represent the various terrains CCG services and so part of the blue section is to represent the coastline. However my inspiration to represent this section as ripples is from one of my favourite movies as a child, Pocahontas, and one quote that has stuck with me is when Grandmother Willow dips her vine into the water and says “So small at first, then look how they grow. But someone has to start them.” I feel this interpretation ties in quite nicely with the Reconciliation journey because even the smallest steps can lead to greater positive change.

Wellbeing + Team Workshops

We offer enriching and immersive workshops and team exercises designed to promote team wellbeing, mental health, reconciliation, and a broadening of perspectives through new experiences. 

Our workshops are spaces of connection, empathy, and creativity - aimed at building stronger, healthier, and more understanding teams. We believe that art is a powerful vehicle to communicate, heal, and bring people together. Through our hands-on art workshops, participants are encouraged to express their creativity, step out of their comfort zone, and connect with their colleagues.

Fostering team wellbeing and mental health is a core aspect of our workshops. Artistic expression has been linked to reduced stress, improved focus, and overall mental wellbeing. By participating in our art workshops, your team members can enjoy a break from their routine, helping to rejuvenate their minds and spirits.

Enquire about our range of in-person, virtual and pre-recorded workshops and allow us to guide your team through a journey of connection, understanding, and artistic exploration.

Activations + Merch

Let us help you tell your brand's story through our activations, merchandise, and corporate gifting services, providing a unique touchpoint for your stakeholders and reinforcing your commitment to reconciliation and cultural appreciation.

Activations: Launching your Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) artwork is a significant milestone for your organisation. To make it even more memorable, we can provide take-home celebration pieces for all employees, ensuring that each team member has a tangible memento of your commitment to reconciliation.

Merchandise: From apparel and stationery to homewares and accessories, our range of merchandise can be tailored to reflect your brand and its values. It's a unique and stylish way to keep your brand front and centre, while also celebrating and promoting Aboriginal art and culture.

Corporate Gifting: Whether you're thanking a client, rewarding an employee, or celebrating a company milestone, we can create a memorable and distinctive gift that resonates with your brand's mission and values


Working with Sarah from Marrawuy Journeys was an exceptional experience. Sarah dedicated herself to understanding our business, capturing our reconciliation journey, and conveying our values through a stunning artwork. Her excellent communication and flexibility made the process seamless. The artwork, now prominently displayed in our reception area, not only serves as a great conversation starter, but also as a powerful testament to our commitment to connection and reconciliation. We highly recommend Sarah for her artistic talent and ability to embody an organisation's essence in her creations.

Richard Harriss

We commissioned Sarah to create an artwork for our Reflect RAP. Sarah was an absolute delight to work with and I would highly recommend working with her. Sarah’s briefing process really encouraged us to reflect on who we were as an organisation, the journey, and the outcomes we sought to achieve through our RAP. The resulting artwork is something that our entire team is incredibly proud of.

Lucy Anderson
Senior Director Strategy – Visa

From the moment I connected with Sarah regarding an artwork I was impressed by her professional approach which made the whole process of purchasing a license and a commissioned artwork incredibly easy as well as reasonably affordable for a small NFP. The creative process was straightforward, Sarah asked just the right questions to get you thinking about what outcome you'd like to see. We are thrilled with the final product which now adorns our office, will appear on our website and will be embroidered on the Australian Science Olympiad team blazers, proudly representing Australia.​

Alyssa Weirman
Australian Science Innovation

I would recommend Marrawuy Journeys to any organisation, or indeed for personal commissions. Sarah is a delightful human who is passionate about what she does, and is so very easy to work with. She is ethical and is not afraid to challenge people's conceptions of things, in order to reach agreement on commissions. A contemporary Aboriginal artist and woman, who will support your organisation on its journey of reconciliation. I engaged Sarah back in 2017 when I was CEO of Palliative Care Australia and again in 2020  when I became the CEO of Carers Australia. For both pieces, and the piece that was commissioned personally for me, all were intricate in detail, full of vibrant colours and created in a way that asks the viewer to pause, and to look more closely. Each unique piece has been engaging and the focus in any room, they are simply just beautiful.

Liz Callaghan
CEO, Carers Australia  [previously CEO, Palliative Care Australia]

Sarah has created a wonderful artwork that tells not only our reconciliation journey but our past, present and future company story. Marrawuy Journeys has been wonderful to work with.

F. Bennett

Start your organisation’s journey today