In-Person Workshops

You can opt for a 'BYO Workshop' where participants supply their own materials, or an 'All Inclusive Workshop' which provides:

  • All materials (canvas boards, paint, palettes, brushes, cloths, water jars, and table covers)
  • Setup and pack up service

*Please note, the client is responsible for providing a venue equipped with sinks, tables/chairs, and projector access for presentations, regardless of workshop choice.


  • Connect with friends, family, or team members
  • Unleash your inherent creativity
  • Decompress and contribute to your overall well-being


  • To facilitate self-discovery and offer an outlet for stress relief
  • To foster trust, kindness, and understanding within teams
  • To provide a safe environment to explore and understand Aboriginal culture


  • Enhanced mental health and well-being for teams and organizations
  • Strengthened relationships and collaboration within your team
  • Increased understanding of Aboriginal culture, benefiting both personal and professional spheres

Sample Workshop Format

  1. Setup (Approximately 1 hour)
  2. Welcome & Acknowledgement of Country
  3. Introduction to Marrawuy Journeys and concepts 
  4. Design phase where participants plan their creations
  5. Creation phase where participants bring their artworks to life
  6. Sharing phase where participants present their work to the group
  7. Wrap-up (Approximately 5 minutes)
  8. Pack up (Approximately 1 hour)


Workshop pricing is contingent on chosen format (BYO vs all-inclusive), workshop duration, and the number of participants. Please follow the 'Request an in-person workshop' link and provide details of your preferred workshop, timeframe, and number of participants for a tailored proposal.

Ethics Notice

Genuine Aboriginal art is exclusively created by Aboriginal individuals. It's inappropriate and unethical for non-Indigenous people to create or incorporate Aboriginal-style art for selling as their own work. Marrawuy Journeys workshops focus on fostering connection, collaboration, and decompression. They are not designed to teach Aboriginal art.

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