Perseverant Jigsaw Puzzle, 902XL piece
Perseverant Jigsaw Puzzle, 902XL piece

Perseverant Jigsaw Puzzle, 902XL piece

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Australian-made 902XL-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring Marrawuy Journeys' 'Perseverant' artwork. 

“Perseverant” is a piece that I created at the end of 2023 that was initially inspired by the sunsets that descend behind the hills and trees of Bungendore. However, as I began to create the piece, I realised it reflected my past year - a journey marked by peaks and valleys as I relentlessly persevered through the most challenging period of my life so far.

I was pushed to my absolute limits, balancing the joys and challenges of my first year of parenthood, completing the final year of my masters, and nurturing the expansion of my business. It became a year of resilience, determination, perseverance - made possible with the strength I drew from my support network. With the unwavering support of my husband, family, friends, and associates, I navigated the ups and downs and achieved what I was told was impossible.

It is my hope that “Perseverant” serves as a reminder to pursue the seemingly impossible, because you won’t know if it's achievable unless you give it a try.

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Perseverant Jigsaw Puzzle, 902XL piece

11 Ricketts Pl

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

11 Ricketts Pl